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Do you write?

Email your creative work to kathryn(@)ourwolfsong.co.uk for the chance to be selected and shared as one of OWS monthly writing favourites.

– You can submit writing on any topic, but those related to mental health & taboo subjects will be highly regarded. Submissions could be in the form of: Poetry, short stories or snippets e.g. A page or short chapter from your novel.

What’s in it for me? I hear you.

This is currently unpaid (I got ma own bills to think about), but you can benefit in other ways:

1. Reach a wider audience, so more people see your writing.

2. Writing about taboo subjects will help to destroy stigmas.

3. If your work is chosen, you will receive Our Wolf Song’s ‘No.1 Writer’ badge to display on your website. (In order to receive this, you just need to let me know you would like it and I’ll send it to you)


Full credit will be given / Anonymous submissions accepted / You don’t have to be a blogger / This is an ongoing thing


A bit about me- My name’s Kathryn, I’m a 21-year-old [aspiring writer] living close to Bristol, U.K. I work full-time as a web developer and grab writing time whenever and wherever I can.

 When I’m not working or writing, you’ll find me: Exploring forests, learning Korean or huddled in a corner somewhere reading manga.



Disclaimer: All writing/opinions and images are my own, unless stated otherwise. Credit for submitted writing belongs to the respected author. Any sponsored products/posts are labelled. I do not own any of the music that I post (All rights go to the artist and record label).

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  1. You sound like an incredibly strong person – well done for getting through all of that :) Your blog is so unique, I'm going to have a lot of fun reading it!

    Cait x

  2. Awesome blog! I think you have something really strong going on. I was a mental health and substance abuse counselor for a couple of years and know how hard the road to recovery is. Congratulations on your recovery , keep it up ! Keep helping people through your experiences, they go a long way.

    Looking forward to your next post!

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