You step inside. The room is dark and cold, for a moment you let your eyes adjust before beginning forward. Musty air fills your nostrils as you move deeper, making you believe nobody has entered this place for a while. You are silent, bar your careful breathing.

Something rolls away from your feet as you walk and looking down, you see a littering of empty bottles across the dirty floor. Your eyes fall on half a stack of them to your right, unopened. You freeze. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as logic screams someone is halfway through this stash. You gulp, your mind racing.

Where are they now? Your eyes dart quickly around. Perhaps they never left…



Not wishing to spend another second in this place, you turn around and head towards the old door, but you notice something in the corner that you didn’t see before. It looks like a nest, but you’re sure it is a bed.

For some reason, you feel compelled to inch in its direction. As you slowly approach, you take in the various tattered blankets screwed up like makeshift pillows and notice more and more empty bottles as you near. You stop.

With bated breath, you watch the nest for a couple of minutes, searching for any sign of movement. Nothing.

You move closer and the proximity reveals a sand colour contrasted against the greying blankets. In the dark, you can’t quite make it out. To satisfy your curiosity, you ignore your pounding heart and reach out to touch it.

It moves. You snatch your arm away and stumble backwards as a mass emerges from deep within the bed. The blankets part to reveal a head shrouded in matted sand coloured hair. Wide eyed, you stare, rooted to the spot. It’s human, though it looks feral like an animal. You’re stuck, unsure what to do. It makes no effort to attack you. In fact, it appears not to have noticed you yet, so you could retreat slowly to the door.

As you contemplate your next move, it acts unexpectedly.

Throwing its filthy blankets aside, it uses its skinny arms to drag something rectangular out from underneath the sheets, onto its lap. You crane your neck to try and see. It’s a laptop. You think the darkness is playing tricks on you, but then shaking fingers lift the dusty screen. It clearly has a laptop and it is a girl. You find yourself stepping sideways to catch a look at her face, which is now illuminated by the dimly lit screen. You can’t quite believe your eyes…

It’s Kathryn, from Our Wolf Song. You thought she’d disappeared. How long has it been? Four, five months? You try to remember the last blog post you read from her, but nothing springs to mind. It was certainly a while ago.

Amazed, you edge closer and watch as she cracks her knuckles, as though she’s about to enter the zone. She begins typing away, oblivious to your presence. You shake your head in disbelief, this is a miracle. She’s finally back.

You can’t help but grin as you listen to the sweet tapping of keys. Then, you turn and quietly head towards the door. You really don’t want to disturb her.

Once outside, you wriggle your phone out from your pocket, excitedly and hold onto it tightly. You’ll receive her new post via email and you can’t wait.


That’s right, I’ M  B A C K.

Welcome to the relaunch of Our Wolf Song! * claps *



[Don’t worry, my bedroom hasn’t actually regressed into a cave (yet) and you’ll be pleased to know I’ve kept on top of my personal hygiene]

It’s been so long, I thought it might shock you all when I finally posted something. So I couldn’t resist writing a ‘Choose your own Adventure’/’Goosebumps’ style journey of that happening. I loved those books as a kid, I’m going to see if we still have some in the attic later.

Where have I been? To be honest, I just got caught up with life. Nothing too exciting. Although, I did climb Mt. Vesuvius last week. That was awesome.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know Our Wolf Song has changed and will focus on Writing topics from here on out. You can read the About page for all the little details.

This is because Creative Writing is a big part of my life, it’s a topic I can talk about endlessly and I’d like to share that. I hope you’ll stick with me on this new adventure.


Thanks for reading,



[What do you think of the new design? I spent some time working on it, to get the functions and style I wanted for this blog revamp. I’m really happy with it, but let me know your thoughts]


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