What’s free writing? I hear you.

It’s the process of writing flat out for a set period of time, but with one catch:

You have to write sans judgement.

That means… There’s no going back! No editing, no spelling corrections, no mulling over the right word for ten minutes. Just write. Then write some more. In fact, don’t stop writing until the timer goes off.


Stuck on what to write? WRITE ANYTHING.

Loosen up. Put that dictionary down. Live a little.


There are many benefits to free writing. Personally, I like to do it when I’m really stuck on something or when I can’t seem to muster up any ideas at all. It works by prising my mind open, allowing me to pour all of my crappy thoughts onto paper. Then, within those crappy musings, I usually find a little piece of gold.

It’s also a great way to clear your head on the morning of a big writing day. It’s like a little warm-up exercise for both your fingers and mind! Plus, it’s quite hilarious reading things back; I don’t know about you, but when I free write, it quickly turns into a weird soliloquy…

I like to use an App called Freewriter to do this. It’s a really simple app, but rather brilliant. Plus, it’s free!

I know you’re deeply intrigued by now, so I uploaded a How To video on YouTube to satisfy your curiosity.

(Dedication, I know. Aren’t you lucky!):



Have you tried free writing yet? Let me know!


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