For me, November was a month of frantic writing, late nights and endless cups of tea. Why? NaNoWriMo.

It seemed like it was over in a flash. Maybe, because I started my new job that month and went on holiday, but as it drew to a close and I’d had my fair share of hand cramps, I decided I felt quite dissatisfied… I really hadn’t achieved what I wanted to in November and so, I’ve decided to focus on it over Christmas.

One thing I did enjoy this NaNoWriMo, was teaming up with Meghan from Got Meghan, who has just started writing a novel. 

We wrote two sister posts about the benefits of Writing creatively to different types of music. You can read Meghan’s here…




Throughout the month of November, Kathryn and I have been trying to help each other stay motivated to stay on track with our writing. While she was participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I was basically still doing research, figuring out my plot, and creating characters. I was basically fine with going about it in my own way. As a blogger, I’ve found better results to just let everything flow organically, I don’t like to rush anything especially if it’s writing related because I have more chances of leaving out important information in my story.

As our talks became more frequent on Twitter, we got on the discussion about music. If I remember correctly she’s the one who brought up the topic of conversation, not me, which to me was shocking because I’ve been known to ask that question right off the bat! We realized how similar our tastes were when it came to music while we were working on our different projects, and she again, brought up this idea of sharing what we keeps us in the mood to write!

As you’ll found out on my blog what Kathryn likes to listen to as she writes, I am sort of different. One of our biggest differences is that she can use her Spotify account to accompany her throughout the day and night if she chooses, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s a long story and I’m still not over it! Since June, I’ve had to resort to only using YouTube to listen to both new and old favourites.

Whenever I write very long posts on my blog or while I do things for my project, I have to have something that can keep my interest for at least thirty minutes to an hour. I’ve seen quite a few things on Google where you should have a playlist and write for 45 minutes without stopping. Despite have doing before, I never last long while listening to regular music. I even have trouble while writing and all of a sudden I’m actually writing out the lyrics of the song I was just humming to! When you are writing everything in pen, that’s not just a good idea in general!

So I’ve had to get creative in what I listen to, for a while I was listening to soft instrumentals like ones you hear in both a coffee shop and a spa! Those only work on me for such a short period of time so again, I had to figure out what could keep me busy and when you’re only music source is YouTube that can be somewhat troubling. The one thing that I know that keeps me motivated is a very upbeat track.

I will listen to genres like trap and rock if it’s interesting, but my go-to is basically anything with an orchestra apparently! These will keep you entertained for a long period of time because they do sound like they are part of a movie score because if they are an hour long mix (some are two hours!) they can add perfect action tracks for those action-thriller sequences you are writing for each of your characters and they also include those somber tracks where they are great for those sadder scenes, where you have a character on the brink of death. They can help create the entire story with you if you ever find the right one that you’re willing to use for the entire book.

The point of this post was to create a playlist of what we use while we write our own novels, yes I said it. I’m writing a novel; so I’m including different mixes instead

This one has a lot more of fight, epic vibe going on with it. I like this is because this has a mixture of rock and dubstep pulled into one hour long score! This is perfect to get yourself into the groove of writing anything!

I have a feeling I will be needing this one when I start writing about my villains so despite having a similarity to the video above, it does bring out this sinister side that I basically need on a daily basis and no, I am not joking! It has both orchestra and rock elements!

Now if I need a more softer vibe for certain sections I use something that some of my family is still trying to get used to and that is Celtic music! Oh my gosh! I love Celtic music so much!

There is no right way to use as motivation whenever you’re writing anything, lots of people like to go into Starbucks for three things: coffee, free wifi and being around people. People can get themselves pumped up in many different ways, as long as they get things finished on time I don’t see the problem in it. So I only write for less than 45 minutes a day, that’s what works for me. I’m also different in my ways of word count, this is where using your favorite music comes in handy because you can literally lose yourself in the mood of the music and you’ll forget you’re even working at all!


I hope you enjoyed reading Meghan’s post!

You can check out my guest post on her blog here & Follow Megz Twitter [ She’s pretty cool ;) ]

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