20th December 2016

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For me, November was a month of frantic writing, late nights and endless cups of tea. Why? NaNoWriMo.

It seemed like it was over in a flash. Maybe, because I started my new job that month and went on holiday, but as it drew to a close and I’d had my fair share of hand cramps, I decided I felt quite dissatisfied… I really hadn’t achieved what I wanted to in November and so, I’ve decided to focus on it over Christmas.

One thing I did enjoy this NaNoWriMo, was teaming up with Meghan from Got Meghan, who has just started writing a novel. 

We wrote two sister posts about the benefits of Writing creatively to different types of music. You can read Meghan’s here…




Throughout the month of November, Kathryn and I have been trying to help each other stay motivated to stay on track with our writing. While she was participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I was basically still doing research, figuring out my plot, and creating characters. I was basically fine with going about it in my own way. As a blogger, I’ve found better results to just let everything flow organically, I don’t like to rush anything especially if it’s writing related because I have more chances of leaving out important information in my story.

As our talks became more frequent on Twitter, we got on the discussion about music. If I remember correctly she’s the one who brought up the topic of conversation, not me, which to me was shocking because I’ve been known to ask that question right off the bat! We realized how similar our tastes were when it came to music while we were working on our different projects, and she again, brought up this idea of sharing what we keeps us in the mood to write!

As you’ll found out on my blog what Kathryn likes to listen to as she writes, I am sort of different. One of our biggest differences is that she can use her Spotify account to accompany her throughout the day and night if she chooses, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s a long story and I’m still not over it! Since June, I’ve had to resort to only using YouTube to listen to both new and old favourites.

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