I’m 100% sure my Hogwarts letter got lost in the post… Either that, or I’m just a Muggle obsessed with the occult.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to share some Witchy-themed books from my ever-growing book shelf:

1. ‘Wiccapedia: A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide’ by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway.


I spotted this book in a tiny corner of Waterstones labelled ‘Spiritual’. After initially laughing at the title, I flicked through and realised its potential.

From what I understand, White Witches follow Wicca, a branch of Paganism. They practise magic for altruistic purposes, for good. I’m not Pagan, but I love this book because it talks about the different forms of magic and all the necessary ingredients required to conjure it.

With spell casting aside, I find it useful in understanding the benefits of different crystals and herbs. I like learning how we can use the Earth’s natural powers in our daily lives and the possibility of solving problems through nature.

There’s also a section on dream meanings.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I have the  w e i r d e s t  dreams and deciphering them is insightful to say the least…

2. Generic ‘Book of Shadows’ or ‘Book of Magic’ from Waterstones.

This is a blank notebook used to record your magical journey. Ever heard the term Grimoire? (Vampire Diaries fans, I hear you) It’s the same thing: A collection of magical notes, spells and research – completely personal to you.

Again, I’m not Wiccan, but I like exploring my spiritual side, so owning a ‘Book of Shadows’ is useful to me. My little book contains interesting things I’ve stumbled upon: For instance, magical poetry and things I believe worth noting down, like my numerology numbers. I think it’s nice to keep a record of these things.

3. ‘The Mythic Tarot’ by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Green.

I found this book, along with a set of Tarot cards in my attic a few years ago. Sounds super creepy, but actually, they belong to my mum. I follow her in the magical sense.

I think a lot of people are confused about Tarot Cards, they see them as Witchcraft or something. A good example: My brother once decided to have a séance at our house during a house party (Halloween) and after it miserably failed, I was asked to hand over my Tarot cards. His friends then took it turns to draw a card, each hoping worried they’d get the prize card ‘Death’ from the pile, none of them listened to my “You’re doing it wrong” little-sisterly complaints.

The book is a reference for the Tarot cards, you consult it during a spread to find out the meaning behind each card. I love doing Tarot readings, as I think they’re so insightful. They don’t predict a fixed future as many people believe, they are instead a reflection of your situation: Its past, present and possible outcome. It can also show you the ‘base of the matter’ or root of the problem, which always surprises me.

You can use Tarot cards to help decide if it’s the right moment to do something – The Greeks called this “Kairos” [the opportune moment], every moment in time possesses particular characteristics and by studying the symbols we can understand the world and ourselves better, we can clarify our problems.

Finally, 4. ‘The Resurrectionist’ by E.B. Hudspeth (The lost work of Dr. Spencer Black)

This interesting book is a fictional biography of Dr Spencer Black, the son of a Resurrectionist or ‘grave robber’. It shows the anatomy of different mythical creatures, in great detail.

I’ve a few different books on monsters and mythology, but none like this. It’s different because it’s based on the wild idea that mythological creatures could have been our evolutionary ancestors.

[ If it’s true, I hope I’m descended from mermaids. ]

Long story short, Dr Black was mad, and these drawings quite clearly depict that, disturbingly.


Thanks for reading,

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to spiritual, otherworldly things. I’ve been this way my whole life. (Yes, I was the playground fortune-teller when I was a child) But I owe my out-of-control imagination to my open-mindedness.

So, I hope it continues to inspires me.

⋆ Kathryn 

( I’m not religious, just open-minded. Nor am I appropriating or trivialising religion in this post. I believe in a complex world, consisting of complex things. It’s my reality. ;) )

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4 thoughts on “Witchy Books

  1. Very interesting!!

    One of my mom’s co-workers is a pagan and she specifically asked Halloween off because there’s a ritual – I don’t know what to call it. I got curious and after a couple of weeks of wondering I finally looked it up. I went through four different pages! Witches/Wicca has always interested me, but I see it as another religion in a way and I’m very curious about the different religions of the world.

    I might actually put that first book on my TBR and if I purchase it, hide it from my dad. I get made fun of enough everytime I listen to my rock/metal. ♥

  2. Totally on the same wavelength as you lol! Since dealing with anxiety etc I’ve researched so many ways to change lifestyles etc and becoming more spiritual and getting to know yourself more was definitely recommended! I have angel cards that I use to ground me. My friend is also a Wiccan lol!

    She doesn’t cast spells etc, but a lot of herbal type remedies!
    Great post babes.


  3. Quite a few years ago (quite a lot to be honest, I am so old!), I was super obsessed with everything spiritual or “magical”. I used to have tarot cards and I read everything I could find online about white witchcraft and such. I don’t really know why I stopped because I still find it so interesting. So your post is quite up my street and especially the first book sounds like something I find really interesting. Also because herbs have always been something I liked learning about and I’m always interested in finding out what dreams actually mean, despite me never remembering my dreams. But well, I still have hope I will one day wake up with the memory of the most exciting and mysterious dream! :D
    Patti shiftingtales.com

    1. You should get the book, it’s really interesting! It’s so cool that you like this kind of stuff too.

      I found if I recalled the dreams I remembered as soon as I woke up or wrote them down, I started remembering more and more of them. Try it and see if it helps & Because I’ve researched loads of meanings, I think I’m quite good at letting others know what their dreams could mean now too haha.

      Good luck and thanks for commenting :D

      P.S You’re not old!

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