Domestic violence is an important issue, it’s something we ought to think about more.

I have never experienced it personally, but I wanted to write this poem as a voice for those suffering and to raise awareness. I know many people can relate to mental health poetry, so I hope this has the same effect.

I cannot begin to imagine how hard is to be in a violent relationship.

When darkness falls, I drown my cries
and wonder why I still survive.
I watch your corpse, lost deep in sleep
and whisper words I dare not speak.


I rub the marks around my wrists.
The cuts and bruises from your fists.
I will not sleep for fear of hurt.
I cannot leave for I am dirt.


I step outside to breathe the night.
I’ve nothing left, no strength to fight.
I’m broken bones and bleeding veins.
My mind is poisoned; I’m insane
And when the beast destroys the man
He beats me down with both his hands.
Through tears and blood, I see a suit.
I was once your bride, blind to the brute.


Now from the ground, it’s crystal clear:
A monster, only I can fear.


The worst that God could conjure.


By Kathryn
[Our Wolf Song]

· © 2015 Our Wolf Song ·


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