Mangled flesh
Broken bones
By the moon
I’ll die, alone


Your shifting face
and yellow eyes
Lurk in the dark
to watch me die


I howl in pain
and claw my skin
To try to kill
the beast within


But poisoned blood
runs through my veins
Fuelling it
to still remain


I crawl on Earth
in search for stars
To try to find
what was once ours


A tangled mess
of dirt and veins
I bare my fangs
so inhumane


With dark, cold eyes
you study me
By now, I’ve lost
my sanity


One final snarl
escapes my lips
I close my eyes
and wonder if
you knew that I had suffered this


My fatal mind
Your heart of stone
Under the moon
I died, alone


Hide the corpse
Conceal your shame


A curse bestowed,
by blood and name


By Kathryn

[Our Wolf Song]

· © 2015 Our Wolf Song ·


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