Good Knight (An Original Poem: Fairytale series)

Sorry for my blogging absence!

I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the show ‘Once Upon a Time’. Obviously, that’s not all I’ve been up to, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t addicted to it. It’s such an awesome series with a brilliantly complicated and ever expanding plot line. I won’t spoil anything here.

I think this twisted fairytale is refreshing in a world currently obsessed with Disney because the OUAT characters actually have to work for their happily-ever-afters. Their lives aren’t completely straightforward and magic isn’t the answer to all their problems as it always comes with a price, deary…

With my mind swarming with fairytales, I started writing some (slightly macabre) poetry inspired by thoughts of unhappy marriages and alternative endings.

This poem ‘Good Knight’ will be the first in my Fairytale series on Our Wolf Song.

Enjoy x


Good Knight

I grabbed you by the throat
yet still, you wouldn’t leave
I guess you can forgive
the darkest parts of me

I tore at my own flesh
to remove the parts of you
buried deep within
yet still, your love ran through

I dug out my glass slippers
and threw them on the ground
they shattered into pieces
you didn’t make a sound

I crawled into the lake
to try to drown my pain
but you just dived straight in
and saved my life, again

I took your silver blade
and ran it through your chest
can you still be my knight
when you’re six feet under, dead?

With a red hot flame
upon my tired skin
I burn your every touch
and remove my every sin

By Kathryn

· © 2016 Our Wolf Song ·


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Life Lessons in World of Warcraft


“If I can pick it up, I need it.”  -Ancient RPG Proverb.

Fantasy realms are like heroin to me. Middle-Earth, Aincrad, Azeroth, whatever blend. I’ll buy if you’re selling, man. I’m addicted.

I enjoy the escapism of fantasy, but I mostly appreciate the imaginative improbability of it all.

Game’s like World of Warcraft fuel my creativity and vastly improve the world-building in my writing. And sites like DeviantArt and Pinterest, filled with concept designs of said fantasy worlds, consume a lot of my time.

Are video games bad for me? Honestly, I’d say only when I’m so hellbent on completing a mission it carries me into the early hours of the morning. But lack of sleep now and then is a fair price to pay for the benefits that come with gaming. I credit my strategy skills, foresight and perseverance to the pastime.

In fact, World of Warcraft might be a game based on fantasy, but you’d be surprised what real life lessons we can learn in Azeroth:

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